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Flap Disc Machine

Flap disc machine mainly produces non-woven flap disc, flexible flap disc, of course, flap disc, the size : 100mm-180mm, T27 /T29 production, can be achieved by digital single and double films. Our flap disc machine All touch digital operation, simple and quick, user-friendly, the main modules of our machine use CNC machining center integrated precision milling, the main motor is Japan Panasonic, the cylinder uses Air TAC, the sensor uses Autonics, PLC use Delta, all of these configurations ensure that our equipment can work stably and efficiently, producing 6,000 Pcs per day for 8 hours. Our machines have passed the European CE certification and are exported to Poland, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, India, Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries, and have been well received by the industry at China and abroad. For more information contact Perry, the company's director.
  • Semi-automatic Flap Disc Machine
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    Semi-automatic Flap Disc Machine

    Semi-automatic flap disc machine is the flexibility in the production of flap disc for the automatic equipment, put the backing by the worker, quantitative glue, backing row piece, automatic making equipment.
  • Full-automatic Flap Disc Machine
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    Full-automatic Flap Disc Machine

    The third generation auto flap disc machine is developed specifically for the production of abrasive flap disc and non-woven flap disc. The machine can auto pick the backing, detect backing, auto quantitative gluing, cut & put flaps,...
  • Full Automatic Flap Disc Making Machine
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    Full Automatic Flap Disc Making Machine

    Full automatic forming machine is the flexibility in the production of disc for the automatic equipment can realize matrix, matrix detection, quantitative glue, blanking row piece, integer, unloading process automation products.
  • Flexible Flap Disc Machine
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    Flexible Flap Disc Machine

    Semi-auto Flexible flap disc machine is special designed for the production of flexible flap disc and vertical flap disc. The machine is manually put backing, auto quantitative gluing, cut & put flaps, shaping and auto coating second...
  • Abrasive Flap Disc Machine
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    Abrasive Flap Disc Machine

    These machines are producing flap disc in either full automatic or semi-automatic manner, using backing discs, one compound adhesive and abrasive ribbon off a roll. The different working stations are arranged around a main indexing...
  • Use Flap Disc Machine
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    Use Flap Disc Machine

    Flap disc production line, the whole set machines, raw materials and technology service, use flap disc machine.
We're one of the most professional flap disc machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Feel free to buy the best quality flap disc machine at competitive price here. For more info about various equipments, welcome to contact our factory.
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