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Flap Disc Raw Materials

Flap Disc Raw Materials is the raw material for the production of flap discs, abrasive cloth, glue, backing, where abrasive cloth directly affects the ease of use of flap discs, abrasion resistance, and sharpness. Glue is to determine the firmness of the flap disc, determines the speed of the flap disc, and then backing is the basis of the flap disc. The carrier determines the strength of the flap disc. The three raw materials complement each other and are indispensable. Raw materials also have deep knowledge. If you want to learn more, please contact the company's principal Perry.
  • Abrasive Cloth Roll
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    Abrasive Cloth Roll

    Abrasive cloth roll This is one of the necessary materials for the flap disc Abrasive cloth determines the wear resistance of your flap disc. The importance of your flap disc occupies 50%.So I suggest you, if you want a good quality...
  • Flap Disc Backing Plate
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    Flap Disc Backing Plate

    Backing(glass fiber), We choose high-strength glass fiber cloth, high-quality phenolic resin binder, other high-grade materials, By skilled industrial mechanics operating advanced professional equipment, carefully made.
  • Flap Disc Glue
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    Flap Disc Glue

    The necessary raw materials for the flap disc production, occupy 30% importance. It's a One-component glue.
  • Flexible Flap Disc Glue
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    Flexible Flap Disc Glue

    Emery wheel in industrial production, occupy an important role. Among them, it is widely used in the processing of industrial products and mainly plays the role of polishing and polishing.
  • Sand Cloth
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    Sand Cloth

    Making flap disc, necessary raw materials, Sand cloth determines the sharpness and wear resistance of the flap disc.
  • Fiber Glass Plate for Flap Disc
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    Fiber Glass Plate for Flap Disc

    Fiber glass plate, fiber glass basal for flap disc, Use the flap disc machine must raw materials.
  • Plastic Plate for Flap Disc
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    Plastic Plate for Flap Disc

    Plastic backing/basal for flap disc(75mm)and flexible flap disc.
We're one of the most professional flap disc raw materials manufacturers and suppliers in China. Feel free to buy the best quality flap disc raw materials at competitive price here. For more info about various equipments, welcome to contact our factory.
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