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About the flap disc factory ,just flap disc machine? what machine we need?

About the flap disc factory, just flap disc machine? 

what machine do we need?

     This flap disc production line is automatically producing flap discs. It featured in easy operation, high output and constant performance.

     This line includes Abrasive cloth slitting machine, flap disc machine, oven, labeling and shrinks wrap machine.

     The abrasive cloth slitting machine is to slit the jumbo roll abrasive into equal width roll, then the roll will be converted to flap disc machine on an automatic machine. Flap disc will be baked, tested then put on a label. Packed by a plastic film then loaded into a carton, the flap discs will be ready for shipment.


     First, I show one picture: (Have try to know about this )


     Abrasive cloth slitting machineAbrasive cloth slitting machine(1)you know the width of the abrasive cloth jumbo roll you buy is usually 1.45 meters width(2), So you need abrasive cloth slitting machine cut the width you need ,like: 22mm,21mm,30mm and so on .

The video on YouTube:


Flapdisc machine: The flap disc machine is the main machine. The three raw materials fiberglass backing, glue, and abrasive cloth will be gathered on our flap disc machine to form a flap disc.

Our the third generation auto flap disc machine is developed specifically for the production of abrasive flap disc and non-woven flap disc. The machine can auto pick the backing, detect backing, auto quantitative gluing, cut & put flaps, shaping and auto pick up finished flap disc, with high degree of automation, remote monitoring and maintenance, uniform flap arrangement, improved efficiency, and stable quality.

The video on YouTube:


Oven:The flap disc oven is easy, Because of the flap disc glue, when the flap disc machine is finished, it needs to be baked in the oven for 4 hours at 115 ° C, so that the flap disc after the glue solidifies is completed.


     The above three processes are the necessary machines for the production of flap disc. The next flap disc auxiliary device can be selected according to your actual situation.

Labeling and shrink wrap machine.: Auto-labeling and packing machine is designed for coated abrasive disc products. The machine can auto pick products, position detecting, labeling, auto put in order, auto packing. With high degree of automation, high efficiency, stable quality. The cost of raw materials is low, maximizing the profits. It can be packed 16000 pieces per 8 hours.

If the output is not large, it can be packaged manually.


The video on YouTube:

The flap disc speed test machine::This equipment is designed for speed testing of abrasive flap discs and optional for mounted flap wheels. We use this machine test  for glue and backing quality.


The above is the equipment you need.

Next we talk about the raw materials!

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