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Chinese flap disc machine has the performance

Chinese flap disc machine has the performance

HG-abrasive mechanical combined with its own technical advantages and accumulated 16 years of experience, we clearly have a high starting point in the development of the flap disc machine, the guiding idea is to reach or exceed the level of similar foreign equipment in terms of productivity and processing flap disc. We propose the following technical requirements for the development of flap disc automation production equipment:


1)    Working speed: Because flap disc belongs to mass production, the productivity of the machine must be first, the speed of the machine should be fast and stable, and the non-production time should be shortened as much as possible.

2)    Impact and Vibration: The flap disc machine high stiffness and the soft impact caused by high speed and high frequency start and stop must cause vibration to be considered.

3)    Reliability: Photoelectric sensors are required to confirm every step of the action and are guaranteed to be perfectly safe.

4)    Part Lifetime: Dust flap disc machine removal and dust protection are particularly important due to the abrasive dust environment; design bodies that are as suitable as possible for dust conditions are used.

5)    The flap disc machine’s Wearing parts: The parts that are in contact with the abrasive grit and the high-pressure, high-filling glue solution must be improved on the one hand, and on the other hand, they must be able to be replaced quickly.

6)    The flap disc machine glue pump system: glue pump must be able to shut off, seal must be reliable; glue pump to solve the problem of pressure fluctuations and glue supply; the viscosity of the adhesive should be suitable for the stability of the sheet implantation; Also consider the constant temperature control problem of the entire glue flow.

7)    Feeding: stability and reliability of feeding, guiding, slicing, and grafting; automatic compensation of feed length; adjustment of various specifications of sand pages.

8)    The flap disc Control System: Servo system high-speed high-frequency characteristics, controller response rate and software features.

9)    The flap disc machine Detection and sense: The response frequency is faster and the leakage current is a problem.


The traditional production process of the Flap disc is composed of slitting, slitting, cutting, waving, dispensing, penetrating, curing, picking, and labeling. The shuffling process is divided into chips, pushers, and buckles. Covers, buckles, covers, trims, penetrating rods, etc., are all done by hand. The use of the sand page as a grinding and polishing tool is increasing, and its high-volume manufacturing process is still in a manual labor-intensive state, which has become a bottleneck for improving product quality and reducing costs and cannot meet the needs of the use of such fast consumables. It restricts the development of the company. Therefore, it is imperative to replace manual work with high-speed and highly efficient mechanized operations. This is also an inevitable trend for the industry to transform from manual film placement operations to automated machinery operations.

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