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How about China's flap disc machine?

How about China's flap disc machine?

     China's flap disc machine is developing so fast and the price is cheap. How about using it?  How does it compare with the flap disc machine from Helmut Weiss GMBH in Germany?

     Now, Mr. Huang Binbin, owner of Zhengzhou Kaway automation has 15 years of experience in the abrasives industry.

     First, the prototype of China's flap disc machine comes from Helmut Weiss GMBH in Germany. Originally designed and manufactured by a man named Guo San in Zhengzhou. Then according to the actual use of the factory, constantly improve and upgrade the flap disc machine. It will mature gradually by 2012. Then the Chinese market began to be heavily invested. In the process, it is also constantly improved and upgraded, according to customer needs. At first, only a few large factories in China were able to buy German Helmut Weiss GMBH machines. Because of the high price, most factories are still willing to choose the Chinese-made flap disc machine.

    Second, our equipment uses Panasonic's motors and drives. Our sensors use Japan's Panasonic and South Korea's Autonics. The main components of our machines are finished by CNC machining centers. Modular assembly for easy maintenance. From 2012 to 2019, our electrical components are the result of our market inspections. The machine is stable and durable, and there are still machines in 2012, which customers have been using.

     Third, We have professional after-sales points in China's flap disc provinces, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Henan. We have gradually matured the sales system worldwide, and the machines have been sent to Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Tunisia, and other countries. An after-sales office has been established in India, located in Rajkot, India.

     The widespread sale of machines has also been recognized worldwide. I think the world abrasive industry should know “Kawar automation”.



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