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The development direction and selection of the flap disc machine--Ⅳ



1.    Status Quo: Blooming everywhere, everyone wants to join in making the flap disc machine; the rapid maturation and benefits brought by competition are good for users.

2.    The semi-automatic flap disc machineThe longest-developed model has the most mature and stable technology.

3.    The full-automatic flap disc machine: Development is faster, After the technical accumulation of the semi-automatic flap disc machine and the technological development of the last two years, it has matured and stabilized.

4.    What is the core competitiveness of flap disc machine? 99% of equipment manufacturers do not understand, just blindly follow up and desperately drive down production costs, reduce sales prices in exchange for the market, and did not consider the long-term needs of users.

5.    How to choose? According to the company's development direction and its own strength. A, B-type users must have an ideological choice, blindly follow the price, will surely fall into a blue-black war.


      What can HG abrasive do for you?


1.    HG abrasive is not only a supplier of equipment but also an integrated service provider for you to open up the market;

2.    One-stop service, from the selection of raw materials, how to choose, how to choose, to the use of flap disc machine, how to use flap disc machine, to the pricing of product sales.

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