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The full automatic flap disc machine Equipment performance and characteristics

The full automatic flap disc machine Equipment performance and characteristics

HG-abrasive located in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, it enjoys a strategic location, convenient transportation and a unique manufacturing environment. It is a powerful guarantee for reducing production costs and improving product quality.


The third generation auto flap disc machine is developed specifically for the production of abrasive flap disc and non-woven flap disc. The machine can auto pick the backing, detect backing, auto quantitative gluing, cut & put flaps, shaping and auto pick up finished flap disc, with high degree of automation, remote monitoring and maintenance, uniform flap arrangement, improved efficiency and stable quality. It can produce 6000pcs per 8 hours for single operator.


Equipment performance and characteristics

l  Humanized mechanical structure design, easy to operate, high degree of automation, set the put-flap and press-discs as one, single operator can easily complete the operation.

l  Use imported servo motor and driver, stable equipment, high production efficiency, measured speed is 3.7~4 seconds per disc.

l  Selection of European standard industrial materials, by the professional CNC machining overall fine milling, fine grinding, molding at once, stable and durable.

l  The drive parts adopt international famous brand linear guide rail, high speed servo motor and reducer, which can respond to micro displacement and feeding accurately.

l  International well-known brands of electrical components and industrial level control system, perfect function and stable performance.

l  Equipped with rotary multi station turntable mechanism, stable and fluent position conversion, accurate positioning and high efficiency.

l  Use the international famous brand photoelectric switch to detect backing and abrasive paper, auto pass no-backing workstation and no-glue backing, stable and accurate.

l  The flaps angle and length can be adjusted accurately, and the operation is simple and convenient.

l  High utilization rate of materials, and the glue quantity and the flap length and quantity can be freely set.

l  Glue system adopts cycle constant temperature control system, which provides temperature for glue, and it is convenient and efficient.

l  Uses the modular assembly, the adjustment and maintenance of the machine is convenient.

Our company's full automatic flap disc machine can produce various types of flap discs, the blade width can be adjusted from 14-38mm, the number of blades can be customized, and it can also produce two-piece, length-length, T29, T27. According to different needs, our company can also customize professional equipment for you, with better stability and ease of use.

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