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The pattern of flap disc market and the choice of flap disc machine Ⅰ


Ⅰ、The world pattern of the flap disc market

1.       The flap disc best-selling country and output value:

Industry-developed countries and energy-exporting countries: North America, Europe, South America, China, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other countries. The world's most powerful countries are also the countries that consume most of the flap discs. Because of the steady growth of GDP, the quantitative growth of the flap disc market is swift and violent.

According to the statistical analysis of the American Association of Industrial Products and the German Abrasives Association and MPA Hannover, in the United States and Germany, the Flap Disc market consumed 620 million pieces in 2013, worth US$760 million. The average value of the film is 1.22 US dollars, 7.32 RMB. The size is mainly 115mm, 125mm, 180mm.

2.       Why does flap disc endure and become stronger and stronger?

Thanks to the flourishing development of coated abrasives, flap discs have been provided with a diverse selection of abrasive cloths. Plus the performance advantages of flap disc itself:

1) Extremely high grinding efficiency

2) Low operating noise (grit contrast)

3) Small damage to the workpiece surface

4) Longer life (compared with sharpening of paper)

5) Safe, will not cause fatal damage to the operator.

        These performance characteristics have led to a red flag in the industrial and DIY markets.

3.       Are the days of flap disc manufacturers in developed countries better?

The answer is yes, not only good but also very good. Why exactly?

1)       Specialization, individuation and serialization: The most competitive flap discs in the world are not in China but in Germany, Italy, the United States and Turkey. In the decades of development and market competition, these factories have been able to persist until now, relying on special signage and branding under the segmentation of user markets. In Germany, users of welding and grinding are first branded "Cobra" and secondly " PFERD". In North America, users will first select "Walter", followed by Norton, 3M and PFERD. The first thing that comes to mind in the auto repair industry is the yellow "eagle."

2)       Continuously segmenting the market and optimizing suppliers: Market orientation based on product application and worker-oriented use has caused these professional manufacturers to continue to subdivide the use of products and form a unique product sequence. (Automobile repair, structural simple rust removal, industrial stainless steel coarse, medium, fine grinding and polishing, fine polishing of the electronics industry). At the same time, the requirements of the upstream industry are constantly put forward to meet the needs of the final market. So I can't see one or two sand cloth factories dominating the world.

3)       Effective overseas market strategy: 67% of the output of Germany, Italy and Turkey is exported to markets outside of the country.



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