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Ⅱ, the status of the Chinese flap disc market

, the status of the Chinese flap disc market:

1. Manufacturer type:

        Class A: Super Household with output of 80,000 or more per day

        Class B: Large output of 50,000-80,000 households per day

        Category C: Small households with output of 20,000 to 50,000 per day

        Class D: Retail and household workshops with a production volume of less than 20,000

2. Product type:

        A. Flap disc size: 100mm, 125mm, very few 180mm

        Appearance: Traditional 72, 36-46, Blade Shaped Saucer. Percentage (3:7)

        B. Types of emery cloth: Ordinary brown corundum, Taurus 565, Mitsubishi 911 90% calcined; True zirconium corundum (export), ceramics, personalized emery cloth with coating (blank); Diamond and CNBN disc (almost blank).

        C. Backing base: plastic cover, net cover Two worlds. 75 plastic cover has become the darling of the market and manufacturers; nylon, environmental protection wood chips, aluminum-based recyclable (almost blank); back cover plus iron sheet is considered a high-end product in the market.

        D. Glue: traditional glue curing agent and powder (not environmental protection, worker health). Single component – trend

3, business equipment:

        A. Handmade

        B. Flap disc automatic machine and manual mixing

        C. All flap disc automatic or semi-automatic flap disc machines

        D. Have safety testing equipment or nothing

        E. grinding disc performance testing equipment (no more than 90%)

        F. Net cover and glue testing equipment are not available, rely on supplier data

4. According to sales strategy

        A. Separatist side, small rich is safe,

        B. Brand building, to create an industry brand as its mission. Establish and improve the corporate culture, special exhibition, sea, land and air advertising.

        C. Confidence in overseas market

        D. Peace of Mind (OEM)

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