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What are the raw materials for the flap disc, how is the cost calculated?

What are the raw materials for the flap disc, how is the cost calculated?

    About the flap disc raw materials: cloth, fiberglass backing, and glue.


That cost calculation:

Let's take a 4'' flap disc as an example,and the raw materials the price is based on 2017, only for reference, the actual market price will be reduced.


The 4’’ flap disc general production specifications:


Center bore diameter:16mm

The backing diameter: 90mm

The flaps size: 72pcs, width-22mm,length-17mm

The glue weight:3-6g


1.    Abrasive cloth jumbo roll: width-1.45m, Length-100m,,so you can slitting 22mm small roll about  1450/22= 66 pcs ; the small flaps: 100000/17=5882 pcs, so ,you can cutting small flaps 66*5882=388212, So, the one jumbo roll you can make about 388212/72=5390pcs flap disc.


The cloth price: A better brand in China 18.5RMB/, So ,one jumbo roll :1.4*100*18.5=2590RMB/Pcs, About USD 398, So one pieces flap disc cloth cost :398/5390=0.073USD.


2.    The flap disc glue, each piece weights about 3-6g, The glue price is USD 2.65, So one pieces flap disc glue cost:0.003*2.65=0.0079.


3.    The backing : black paper, 90mm, 6+1,Price : 0.05USD/pcs


So, total:0.073+0.0079+0.05 ≈0.1309USD


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