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What changes have brought the flap disc machine to the industry---Ⅲ

 What changes have brought the flap disc machine to the industry---


1.       Improve the product quality level and industry level of the entire industry

2.       Shortened the gap between different types of manufacturers

1) In the manual era flap disc , Types A abrasive manufacturer and B abrasive manufacturer are the strongest, the output is large, management is in place, and quality control is in place; product quality is guaranteed, and the market allows higher prices than others.

C and D: Constrained by costs and personnel. For production capacity, one person is responsible for a long time, quality is not much guarantee; market competition depends on price and unparalleled service.

2) The flap disc machine:

        ABCD's product quality gap is almost zero.

        The difference comes from the details: the quality of the backing, the quality of the single-component glue, flap disc glue and the appearance of the product. However, there is almost no difference from the perspective of using safety and performance.

3. The flap disc machine intensified the process of product homogenization

The three elements of louver can be highly consistent in machine production. The net cover, glue and emery cloth are all the same ones. There is no qualitative difference between the products, only the differences in packaging and sales techniques.

4. Market competition is more brutal, and the profits of AB-type producers are even slimmer.

        This is the inevitable result of flap disc machine  production. The automotive and mobile phone industries are the best examples.

        It is because of homogenization of products that the competition is cruel and profits are diluted. Taking a famous factory with 75mm backing  as an example, I have calculated that his sales price is not proportional to his market investment, and he has a small profit.

5. Increased competitiveness and profitability of small and medium-sized households (CD types)

        A very interesting scene has emerged, and now it is best to have small households with automatic machines.

        1) The cost of production is further compressed: no need to use glue, slice and remove workers. The family can completely cover itself internally.

        2) As the quality and stability increase, the selling price increases, and the profits increase accordingly.

6. The market situation of “Dancing sheep and wolves” is no longer a flash in the pan, but it is stuck in a stalemate.

        Big customers cut prices for volume, improve management levels, tap potential internally, and try to reduce costs. Small households are more meticulous in compiling defense areas, strengthening time services, and following down prices. Large households re-entered, small households followed, and the two sides stagnated.

7. Etiology: 90% of the manufacturers go with the flow and are unwilling to innovate. Satisfy the quantified performance in front of the eyes, with low investment and quick results.

        Consequences: Jin Yuwai, suffering from it.

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