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Congratulations To Our Company For Joining The China Machine Tool Industry Association--- Abrasives Branch


The China Machine Tool Industry Association (CMTBA) was established in March 1988 with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. It is a national, industry, and non-profit social organization with social group legal personality and the permanent establishment is located in Beijing.

The China Machine Tool Industry Association is mainly composed of manufacturing enterprises of the Chinese machine tool industry and is composed of relevant companies or enterprise groups, research and design institutes, institutions and groups. At present, it has more than 1,700 member units including metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, casting machines, woodworking machine tools, numerical control systems, industrial robots, cutting tools, abrasive and abrasive machine, machine tool accessories (including machine tool function components), and machine tool electrical appliances. The association has 28 branches and 6 working committees.

Our company is affiliated with the "abrasives" branch.

China Abrasives and Abrasives Branch of the China Machine Tool Industry Association (abbreviated as China Abrasives and Abrasives Branch) is a production enterprise, scientific research, design agency, domestic and foreign trade companies, colleges and universities, and other enterprises that are closely related to abrasives. National industry organizations that companies voluntarily participate in. It is a social group that does not aim for profit, and is not restricted by region, department, affiliation, and ownership. There are more than 400 member companies that normally participate in industry activities, of which 95 are directors (54 standing directors).

The purpose of this association is to abide by our country’s constitution, laws, regulations and policies, to unite our colleagues in the abrasives industry, to represent and safeguard the common interests of the entire industry and the legitimate rights and interests of the members of the association, under the guidance of the relevant government departments and the General Assembly, To conduct research on the development plans, industrial policies, technical policies, and industry management of ordinary abrasives industry and make recommendations to the government; to undertake statistical work for the industry and to participate in the issuance of production licenses; to organize the establishment of "meeting regulations" and establish an industry self-discipline mechanism Organize to analyze and exchange economic and technical information of domestic and foreign counterparts, organize industry enterprises to participate in domestic and foreign exhibition activities; between government and association members, between enterprises and institutions within the industry, between members of the Association and users at home and abroad, The role of “links” and “bridges” will be brought into play to represent the industry in dealings with foreign industries, and industry experts will be organized to provide consulting services for enterprises.


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