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Cooperate With Thai Abrasives Factory---Flexible Flap Disc Machine


     It was a pleasure to usher in a visit to our factory by our Thai customers, our flap disc machine, and flexible flap disc machine.

     The customer is particularly satisfied with our equipment, especially the flexible flap disc machine because now flexible flap discs in Thailand are basically made by hand or imported from China. If they are produced locally, this will greatly reduce the cost.

     Flexible flap disc can replace resin grinding wheel. It has strong elasticity, high tensile and bending strength, good self-sharpening, high grinding rate and low noise. It is suitable for welding inside seams and stamping parts.

     The purpose of the flexible flap disc: mainly used for grinding stainless steel, metal products. For surface polishing.

     Flexible flap disc features: sharp, wearable, good toughness, bendable, stretch-resistant, fast heat dissipation, ideal for polishing surfaces.

     Flexible flap disc structure: It consists of a plurality of emery cloth sheets attached to the tray and arranged in a fan-shaped superposition. The angle of the bonding between each emery cloth and the plane of the tray is 10°-30°. The utility model of the emery cloth arrangement can make the emery cloth wheel mill The cutting angle is optimized when cutting and polishing the workpiece, so as to ensure simultaneous consumption of the base material of the abrasive cloth wheel and the frosting, and the overall abrasion resistance and grinding efficiency of the plane abrasive cloth wheel are significantly improved, and the service life of the abrasive cloth wheel is prolonged. Grinding surfaces of metallic and non-metallic materials. It has strong elasticity, high tensile and bending strength, good self-sharpening, high grinding rate, and low noise. It is suitable for the grinding and stamping of flashes in the box.

     Flexible flap disc application area:

          It can be used for various types of surface rusting, paint removal, deburring and grinding of welds in metal and non-metallic materials for shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, machinery, instrumentation, bridges and construction industries and furniture.


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