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The Performance Of The Hundred Blades Forming Machine

1. Working speed: Because the sand plate belongs to the mass production, the machine's productivity must be put in the first place, the mechanism runs quickly and stably, the production time should be shortened as far as possible;
2. Impact and Vibration: high-speed high-frequency starting and stopping of the rigidity and flexibility of the impact of the inevitable vibration must be considered.
3. Reliability: Every step of the action to be confirmed, guaranteed foolproof.
4. Parts life: Because in the abrasive dust operating environment, dust and dust is particularly important, design as far as possible to choose the appropriate dust conditions of the body;
5. Easy to wear parts: and emery cloth sand and with high-pressure high filler rubber liquid contact parts on the one hand to improve its abrasion resistance, on the other hand to be able to quickly replace;
6. Sizing system: Drip valve to be able to do so shut down, sealed to be reliable; glue pump to solve the pressure fluctuations and the supply of plastic problems; the viscosity of the adhesive should be suitable for the stability of the sheet implant, and the temperature control problem of the whole fluid flow should be considered.
7. Planting the title: Feeding, guide material, slicing, the stability and reliability of the plant, feeding length automatic compensation, suitable for the various specifications of the sand plate adjustment.
8. Control system: high-speed high frequency performance of servo system, response rate of controller and software function.
9. Detection and sensing: response frequency should be fast, leakage current problem.

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