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The Structure Of Automatic Labeling Machine

Automatic labeling machine structure consists of the following components:
1. Roll wheel, for the passive wheel, used to set the reel label, usually equipped with adjustable friction friction braking device, the purpose is to control reel speed and tension, to maintain a smooth paper.
2. The cushion wheel, the work with the spring is connected, may the reciprocating swing, the goal is when the device starts can absorb the drum material tensioning force, maintains the material with each roll contact, prevents the material to break.
3. Guide Roller. From the top and bottom two components, starting reel material guide and positioning role.
4. Drive Roller, consisting of a set of active friction wheels. Usually one for the rubber roller, one for the metal roll, the bottom paper in the passage, the role is to drive the drum material, to achieve normal labeling.
5. Rewinding wheel, for the active wheel with friction transmission device, the function is the backing paper after rewinding, the rolling paper of the receiving wheel and the processing paper of the driving wheel are not interfered, and the synchronous transmission is regulated by the friction device.
6. Stripping board, from the end of the board has an angle (generally less than 30°), the purpose is to make the substrate in the peeling plate to change direction, the label for easy to mark, from the bottom paper, to achieve with the labeling object contact.
7. Labeling Roller, will be separated from the bottom of the paper label evenly, flat paste on the items to be affixed.

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