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What Are The Advantages Of Our Flap Disc Machines, And Why Should Choose Our Flap Disc Machine?

What are the advantages of our flap disc machines

---why should choose our flap disc machine?

    Choosing one best flap disc machine I think there are two points to consider.One is product and the other is a person.

    Product-flap disc machine:

    1.The main components of our flap disc machine are made of high-quality aluminum blocks. The CNC machining center is integrated and milled. It is modular and assembled, stable and durable, and convenient for quick maintenance.

    2.The electrical components that are supplied with our flap disc machine are Matsushita of Japan, and the pneumatic part is AirTAC of Taiwan. After 7 years of market testing, it is stable and reliable, and the failure rate is as low as 0.68%. The point is that we have always insisted on using it and never cut corners.

    3.Our flap disc machine has two machine arms, one is to place the fiberglass backing and the other is to take the finished product,High efficiency, no influence on each other..And integrated pressure string function, simple and fast.


    1.Be sincere-Sincerely hope to visit our company when choosing the flap disc machine, we are very welcome.

    2.Professional- Each of our sales staff has at least one year of work experience in the factory floor and can solve 80% of the problems immediately.So I belive that we can supply best after sales service.Usually we will solve related problems through online video.

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